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We have just added the entire range of TABLE TOP WORLD scenery products. In my humble opinion this is the most detailed fantasy scenery around, you can tell each brick is sculpted individually, the detail and casts make you wish Forge and other resin products would use the same materials/methods.  It is always a joy to work [...]

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recent projects - AGE OF SIGMAR 40K?

Daily we receive packages and therefore the studio is in perpetual state of Christmas like glee.  However a few days ago, we received something that was extra special.  The box contained the AGE OF SIGMAR KHORNE BLOODBOUND miniatures and they were all converted into... 40K miniatures :-0.  What a simple and great idea.  We just started [...]

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news - 40K SCENERY

We've come a long way from cardboard buildings.  So many great plastic scenery kits from GW and we've got them all!!  Even the new Tau items, you think they are going to have a scenery kit for each army/race?  Elder Webways? Check out all the 40k SCENERY here.

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recent projects - ISENGARD TROLL

Currently one of our projects is a LOTR URUK HAI army, and here is one of the first miniatures we got done. An ISENGARD TROLL painted to BRONZE QUALITY, and it turned out better than expected, it's nice when you can still surprise yourself. I have always been able to tell when a [...]

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Does anyone actually know why GW got rid of all these great buildings?  I mean especially the Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer, that was an epic piece, the Manor, Tower and Chapel all great pieces, what happened?  It's not like they weren't selling.We had a customer that had ordered one after they'd be extinct [...]

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recent projects - ELDAR WRAITHGUARD

Not sure if anyone remembers the old ones, but we might as well forget them, not only are the plastics better casts and models, not only are they easier to work with but when you buy them you get a whole squad, even comparing prices back to the 90's they are cheaper.  So here is [...]

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It's kind of a LOVE/HATE relationship with Forge World miniatures. They have the back story, the world and these great ideas on which to make amazing, almost historical miniatures, and we all buy into this and sometimes you pay the money, get the figure rip open the box and you get a poorly cast, bent [...]

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recent projects - HARLEQUIN SKYWEAVERS

A whole squad of Harlequin Skyweavers @ SILVER quality. I would not want to be on the receiving end of these guys, super cool figures, gorgeous army

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So now that new site is up and running, finally, after hundreds of hours, of calculating, configuring, going through manuals, setting everything up for you :-) after all that, we would love to hear your feedback, so C&C, tell us what you miss, is missing or best of all tell us what you think is [...]

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