Space Hulk is back!

2016 Dec 5th

Games Workshop made a limited reprint of a classic Space Hulk board game!Pit the mighty Blood Angels Terminators against a lethal swarm of agile Genestealers in this two-player board game. Inside the … read more

Blood Bowl pre-order

Posted by Bartosz on 2016 Nov 13th

The classic game of fantasy football is back!A combination of strategy, tactics, and absolute mindless violence, Blood Bowl is the classic game of fantasy football. 2 players act as coaches, selecting … read more
recent projects - SKYWEAVER

recent projects - SKYWEAVER

Posted by Hesperax on 2015 Nov 16th

There is nothing that can compare to doing vehicles with an airbrush, they just come out perfect.  Very proud of this HARLEQUIN STARWEAVER @ SILVER quality.   … read more


Posted by Hesperax on 2015 Nov 13th

What a joyous week it has been for Games Workshop fans everywhere as Games Workshop revealed the big comeback (I really have no idea what this comeback will entail) of some of their classic special … read more