Dear Valued Customers

In order to provide a great service for you, our customers, we have two goals, high quality painted miniatures with a reasonable turnaround time, usually (6-8 weeks).  Therefore we are limiting the number of new orders each month.  Once that limit has been reached, hopefully rarely, we will not accept any new orders till the end of the current month, and will resume accepting new orders on the 1st day of the following month. For example, if we reach the new order limit on February 23rd, we will resume accepting new orders on March 1st.

No worries though, you can still add any items that you plan on purchasing to your wishlist, and check out on the first of the following month.

In order to make sure that this does not happen frequently, we will train new painters so that we can increase the number of projects we take on in future months.

We apologize for the inconvience and thank-you for your understanding.  Happy gaming to everyone!

The Miniature Painters Staff :-)